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Originally Posted by kixs View Post

+ it won't break
...until your peecee breaks, that is


+ System can be killed for glitch free super smooth scrolling.
+ Just turn it on and go. No settings to fiddle around with.
+ Writing software to perform certain tasks quickly can be challenging and fun.
+ It's an Amiga
- Hardware is getting old, and even electronics don't last for ever
- Connecting an Amiga to modern monitors is simply a huge pain in the back side
- Standard A500/A600/A1200 keyboards are flimsy and wear out way too fast.
- Diskdrive noise caused by silly driver (thank goodness this can be fixed with software)


+ Very handy for prepping hds for your Amiga.
+ Very handy when you need an Amiga program, and don't have a network.
- WinUae can't kill the os, so no glitch free smooth scrolling (not WinUae's fault, of course).
- Demos are pointless, because they can't show off the hardware, everything is fast
- Cpu speed can't be set to authentic 680x0 speeds, except for 68000. This is bad when programming, and you want to know how fast your code is.
- It's not an Amiga

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