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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
For ignorants like me, you might want to put a more complete first post, saying for example:

- What is JoeED?
- What are the major changes of this new version?
- Invite to download and read more in the included textfile

1.JoeED is an editor for Yo!Joe! WIP

2.this is not a new version..this is the first that can used by everyone. during development i use a "special" version that includes a debugger that makes it easier to have a look inside the used functions. it and read the textfile..

sorry...iīm really too busy writing full manuals or tutorials for that tool..thatīs the reason why iīm looking for a second person that likes to help me writing the manual...

4. you can already save your changes...but be careful...itīll change the original files...donīt forget to backup...
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