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Originally Posted by mai View Post
Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)

"Ziriax was cracked by Tarkus Team and trained by Sauron of Digitech for Fairlight" you can read on disk, but unfortunally game crashes.
I have tried various configurations in WinUAE, but it does not work, stops
loading at track45 and crashes.
Can anybody confirm this, or better write image back to floppy and check if it works?
....again, help yourself - because nobody will help you.

Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)
seems to be
Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)[cr TT][t +2 FLT][b]

but the good news is, i have found "FLT"-trainer and have added this trainer to the right crack and now i have a working version:
Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)[cr TT][t +2 FLT]

Nevertheless, it would be nice if anybody can confirm, that "Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)" does not work.
Maybe it works on the real machine.

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