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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
I'm all for the project - I don't mean to sound negative... but when there's no updates or progression and the thing is more than half a year late what can folk do apart from wonder if it'll ever come to fruitation
Give up on it. Its just been hyped up and nothing has happened. I know its been said the site is not the official 1, but the project team should go there and say something, with regards to giving a planned release time.

Maybe they planned this.

EDIT:-Maybe this project is real, but they are stupid. They should have kept their mouths shut until they had something to show.

Im sorry, but the "why should we take the time to take a picture. People will only say its fake." is a very very stupid comment.

They have already caused their own problems by hyping up this project. It would take 10Mins tops to up some pictures. Yeh people may say its fake, but thats life.

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