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I would buy one in the case it is usable. Means it has driver
for TV cards (DVB-s -c-t), Scanner, Printer,
USB, HDMI and all that stuff everyone needs or use
But for that stuff Amiga development isn't fast enough
I think a Amiga system like that will never be exists

For me it is nice to play around with high patched Workbench in WinUAE or
hostsystems like Amithlon/XL or X-amiga(got the iso but not installed yet)
But none of them is usable for everyday working
Im using Linux a lot its a good alternative but entertainment is
so i MUST use Win or there will be things i can't do
ever tried to compile driver for linux kernel?

My only hope (for now) is Aros - they are on the right way but
it's a long way to go.....

Until then i am dreaming of a time were computing will be free again
and not that dictatorially stuff microshit brought us
That's the reason why i am using Amiga OS as often as possible
and even the reason why i want a new Amiga
you know what you've got - no mysteries and secrets like Windows has
My Amiga never told me its forbidden to edit Startup-sequence
nor disallow me to change/unload whatever

Ok it's more then i wanted to post - so for now..
happy computing on that OS you prefer
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