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Originally Posted by J.Tramiel View Post
Don't see this project coming to anything personally.

Dontcha just lurve a bit of vapour-ware?
yup. Personally I think whoever coined the idea in the first place have bitten off more than they can chew.

It'd be better (and easier) to just rework the 1200 design and incorporate some uptodate features that most people do with 1200's nowadays... i.e. indivision, usb, cd-rom, dual ide ports, built in 68060 etc... now THAT would be nice.... with technology on offer these days, with the size of the 1200 board you could fit lots of shizzle on it

You could save a few bucks and just do it as a drop in replacement motherboard like those guys in australia did with the enhanced 1000 drop in motherboard they did
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