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I wouldn't want one. What's the point? I already have a great PC right here that can do pretty much everything I need.

Having another one, with some strange architecuture with an Amiga badge is pointless.

I think I will stick to Windows, I would even if a 'new' Amiga came out. You don't hear BBC micro freaks crying about wanting a next gen BBC micro lol.

Amiga OS4 is lame, running on overly priced, weak PPC processors. OS3.9 is nice but come on. It came out in 2000.

In 2000, Amiga computers were weak. 68060. Wow. As a PC user in 2000 I had a nice OS and was playing really highly detailed games. I was not up on Amiga computers in 2000, but who exactly was the OS 3.9 aimed at? Amiga simply didn't compare to the windows machines.

I'm sorry but Amiga got left behind a long time ago.

Windows 95 steamrolled Amiga. In 95 I was playing Mechwarrior 2. Compared to the Amiga A4000 offering at the time. The windows machines won hands down for price and what they could achieve.

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