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Hmm, maybe..! But it is kind of cool to have a thread dedicated to just the special gems which you have no opportunity to find on any other system.

I guess Amiga is different in that regard, than other Game-platforms. For instance, a platform like PS3 is wholly driven by its unique content, in order for it to make a break-trough, which is why it had a LOT of problems early on. All the good games where already out for Xbox360 and PC. Or Wii, if you wanted some wholly unique, but less than cutting-edge games.

( This is why I own a PC and a Wii, gives me everything cool in this modern age)

But yeah, now that I think about it, an Amiga Original thread would probably be cool, but I think it should also be filled with a little bit of open debate, since some titles received improvements on other platforms.
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