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Don't see this project coming to anything personally.

I mean, what company is going to be interested in something based on 10-20 year old technology? Even if the miraculous happens and a prototype is comleted - don't expect any company to touch it with a bargepole. The only thing it really has going for it is the promise of backwards compatibility - which in itself is a wild and dangerous claim.

My initial thoughts on the Minimig were similar, but because of the cheap components, and the fact that the creator didn't publicise his work until it was 90% complete - the idea seemed feasible. And I am glad that project blossomed (although there haven't been any firmware updates for nearly 12mths).

Nice mock-up screenshots on the Natami website though

Dontcha just lurve a bit of vapour-ware?

I reckon this thread needs a poll - Natami: Real or Pretend?
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