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Here's my TOP 5

In at Number 5:


That sinister Dark realm that existed in the Mirror and the mind of H.R Giger......Wow this game was spooky and bloody hard as well but it was well thouhgt out and I spent ages travelling around in the real world and the parallel world hidden behind the mirror.

In at number 4:


Them Brave Knights fighting their way around the countryside fending off all those nasties. BOY I loved this game.

At number 3:

It Came from the Desert.

Yes it was a time of watching a time when all was not what it seemed, AAARRRGGHHH !!!!!! we are been overtaken by pesky bugs, stamp em squish em squash em, failing that (and the fact that these ants are HUGE shoot them with your trusty 6 shooter.

At Number 2:

Formula 1 Challenge

That little known PD game (Bought to you by Ammivision & Sean Rennocks)

This was the life, be given 1, million pounds and buy yourself a couple of cars and drivers, fit the right engine and tyres and ZZZOOOOOMMMMMM try and win the F1 Championship. Yeah this truly was a superb game of Skill.

At Number 1:

And my ALL TIME addicted game was:


Yes I spent months and months and months playing this game, sailing the high seas and looting ships, not forgetting uncovering pirate treasure, and looting the nearest town

This game was to be hailed as MY MOST addictive Amiga Game.
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