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Now i see your point.

But the pages are not so big and since the game covers load in a separate page is not so important. Is better this way at least from my point of view, since that way people see all the information in just one page and can see the missing parts.

The other way suppose that just a back cover is missing they will have to load 2 pages the main one and the covers one just to see that a back cover is missing, seems too much complicated.


Ok. Lately i had added new sections to the site: Information, emulation and downloads. There there are information about the PSXOne console, some psx one controls, some of the most used emulators with some complete configuration guides and in the downloads there are the latest plugins, emulators versions, and the epsxecutor and pec with the latest codelist (that is being updated every few days so is better check it to get the latest one). In the future we will also host the multitrack cues and sbi files.

PROJECT STATUS: 1342 game entries at 21-January-2009

As usual please if anyone is interested please think about contribute the missing covers or anything that you think that could help us in get the project as complete as we can.

If you got doubts feel free to pm me or ask here in this thread.

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