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My unrealistic dream

Amiga Inc to support projects like whdload and create some kind of legal store (like itunes) where u can download apps and games. Also a program that can easily convert classic programs to be web apps. Oh and built an amazing browser that worked with os 4.1 to make the most of web apps.

The Machine
Somekind of tablet/netbook (netbook with spin around touch screen) that was really cheap quick ran os4.1 and was fully compatible with classic with no moving parts. Also it could run any x86 program or os in a window like Vmware. It also has a tiny projector built in so you can use it as a teaching aid or just watch movies on the wall. Fully branded with Amiga name and boing ball and decent adverts rather then this "i am a mac" and "i am a pc" rubbish.
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