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Arrgh! Yes of course you're right, Druid. I read about the PC and c64 versions of Turrican2 on whatchamacallit, Turrican Seta recently. How could I forget that...?

AW: Hmm... Dunno' what to think of your list, Brian the Lion, Benefactor? Is brian really good...? And Benefactor looks suspicious as well. But I might try it just for the heck of it, since it's made by Digital Illusions ( the men behind Battlefield and Mirrors Edge...yees..) it would seem. I had no idea they were active back in the day!

Ruff N Tumble seems the most promising so far, a pulse-pounding action-game in the same style as Metal Slug. The design is certainly unique, a kid with a Duke Nukem-style gun?? Haha, that's cool.
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