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Top 10 Amiga EXCLUSIVE games?

Yeah. I want to know about the top 10 EXLUSIVE Amiga games.

Nowadays, a console is built NOT on the ports, but on the exclusives it can get. It's a little something that probably started waaay back on the NES, when Nintendo as the manufacturer decided to make their own games, that you could only find on their console.

So, I recently got interested in the Amiga because of a mate that was actually in the scene back in the day, and I began with the best of the best of Exclusive games, namely Turrican 1 and 2.

BUT... I need more. But on the Lemon-Amiga list that I found, a lot of the listed titles, are actually not exclusive. Far from it. Most of them are what the common folk like me, would consider either PC or Console games...

Even Another World, which I now in hindsight realize is probably a typical Amiga-game, would be off the list, since there are so many versions of it, the ultimate one ( well, that the author considers), coming out THIS decade for the PC.

Pinball Dreams and the related games, are in a gray-area tho, since the only other version I know of, is the GBA-compilation (also out this decade), which I don't know how it stacks up. Could be comparable or better, hard to tell.

So to me, Settlers, Civilization, Sim City, Dune II, Turrican3, these are all OFF the list, for me.

A game like Shadow of the Beast appears to be something that should be on the list tho, as it seems to be pretty much WHOLLY Amiga-exclusive. I had never ever heard about it in any shape or form before I started reading up on the Amiga.

So come on guys, make me appreciate the UNIQUENESS of the Amiga! The reason why back in 92, it was still a good idea to buy an Amiga 500 or super-compatible.

EDIT: Using everybody's suggestions, and then going through their scores, I've compiled the OFFICIAL list of the top 20 Amiga-exclusive games! Using the score-function at Lemon Amiga, of course.

Thanks everybody! Can't wait to give a few of these a whirl.

1. Wings 8,75
2. Worms: The Director's Cut 8,65
3. Ruff N Tumble 8,65
4. Ambermoon 8,59
5. Banshee 8,53
6. Benefactor 8,48
7. DeluxeGalaga 8,45
8. Lionheart 8,44
9. Napalm 8,41
10. Wasted Dreams 8,41
11. Genetic Species 8,39
12. Perihelion 8,38
13. Arabian Nights CD32 8,33
14. Twintris 8,33
15. F/A18 Interceptor 8,32
16. K240 8,32
17. Apidya 8,3
18. Hybris 8,28
19. Shadow Of The Beast III 8,11
20. Road Kill 8,11

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