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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
Hi guys,
when I am placing my card into the adapter on my miggy I keep getting the following window appear

DISK " "
Zu Fruh Entnommen!

with the choices

wiederholen or Abrechen

According to a mixture of my poor German and babel fish's poor translation i get 'you have removed the disk to soon' 'repeat' or 'cancel' I get this no matter when i place the disk in after driver installation and the only way to get rid of ot is to put a blank card in the adapter. am i doing something wrong?
cheers guys
Hi PZ,

Why are you using a German version of Workbench?

Well, the good news is there's nothing wrong with your translation, except that 'Retry' would be better than 'Repeat' in this context.

I would guess that your problem is that either you have no support installed for the filesystem that the card uses (Have you got Fat95 installed?), or that the cards are not hot-swappable.

If you do have Fat95 installed (AFAIK the cards use a FAT32 format), then try inserting the card before you power up the Amiga.


[Edit] If you are using a German version of Workbench, and you have the original install disks, I may be able to exchange them for an equivalent set of English version disks.

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