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A new Amiga?? - of course st like A5000

Of course - its should be like A5000, but a lot more powerfull.

MC68060 al 3GHz, but w/ 68882, not this emulated scrapy FPU (9core)
PowerPC G5 3GHz (w/ x86 (786 AMD), m68k (68060 & 68882) !native!) (9core)
Something like numa (seperate memory for each processor)
?SUPER? AGA?3D? w/ features like 3dfx V4 (VSA-100, SLI etc)
Creative SB X-Fi - most powerfull one
it should be at least 4 m86k & 4 ppc inside DDR3 or even DDR5
memory controller integrated inside every CPU

It should beat any super-hiper QUAD in MP(x8) (of course Intel, AMD isn't beatable)

It's my vision, but this very expensive vision.
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