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Originally Posted by humble worm View Post
hahaha, I see you carry a little crusade... nice! Sometimes I feel like leaving there a comment (like yours or akira's as I agree with things said in the thread) but as I dont submit pieces it would not be valid (people who dont do "art" are lame and have nothing to say, this is a rule), so I just keep my mouth shut
I wouldn't call it a crusade ... more a futile attempt to persuade a large number of people that they should dispense with their simple understanding of the world and start to think for themselves. There are plenty of smart people there but unless you want to draw realistic art, theres no incentive to try to get the definition changed. If you make simple shaded stuff (or c64 type resticive art) you have an incentive to keep the definition the same.

"Each pixel by hand" is a slogan which that that piece attacked. Apparently thats how you sell things to the masses - use slogans. I just need a better slogan to persuade the people at Pixel joint. It must be simple. It must make them feel smart repeating it. "As long as it would work on an Amiga"?

Anywya, been screwing around with it.

Maybe I should take a shot at the beutiful but not distracting scenery ...

edit: whoops. didn't do proper research. I should be pilfering ideas straight from Roger Dean (fantasy artist who did box covers) instead of recycling beast game art.

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