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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Only having four channels (of which two will probably be in loop for drums & percussion etc.) I doubt this game will be able to take "any" tracker file. Otherwise it would be a pretty boring game.

Not to mention that the "lead" instrument regularly changes channel.

It won't be boring but it might not make a lot of sense.

You can see in the test file that sometimes a note is in another channel... sometimes when composing you have to do this.

But knowing how the software works, you can optimize this and create very fun mods... Real chiptunes would specially be amazing on extra hard levels... Also, the game can multiply the difficulty based on the original mod. This would be easy to do.

I can also think that editing by hand each song's "tabs" you can enhance each tune. This should be done for the tunes bundled with the game, but if you want to just add any mod you want, posibilities will be less, don't expect much of a challenge, more of a gimmick for a mod player.
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