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Unhappy Re: GUI invisibility

Originally posted by Drake1009
I never had problems with that. Do you use a standard windows color scheme? AFAIK opengl draws on a certain colored background. IF the menu is the color of the background drawn on it might have the game drawn on it.
I use the standard Windows colour scheme - is that important? Anyway the GUI invisibility problem only occurs in OpenGL full-screen mode. Windowed mode is fine.

Originally posted by 7-Zark-7

@Quickbeam. The last time I encountered this issue was during the WinUAE's 0817rx series. I haven't tried 0821r3 or 4 yet, but 0821r2 worked fine without this. Are you a Win98/98SE o/s USER?
(Thats for you Drake! Happy now?!)
I never had any problems with the old releases, invisibility-wise. I'm almost positive the problem is OpenGL-related. Like I said before, it doesn't happen all the time but more often than not, when you press F12, you can't see the GUI.

My specs are WinMe, a 1GHz Athlon and a GeoForce2 MX.
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