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Originally Posted by s4m View Post

a must have !! :

COOLNESS (excellent nes emulator)

DARKNESS (another nes emulator)

ANES (idem)

Mysnes (old snes emulator)
[Link deleted]

Wzonka lad (game boy emulator)

and many more here/:
On my classic Amigas AGA A1200 and A4000 without graphic cards, I used lots of emulators. Most used was the Game Gear/Master system emulator - AmiMasterGear which was the fastest and most compatible. Next to the Sega emulator I used Sinclair - ZXAM and later ASp, which emulated the 128KBSpectrum, and also the CBSpeccy, which emulates Russian ZX clones and TRD support. I TRD disk I had many good games playable on. AmOric - Oric emulator which I still use on AmigaOS 4, (but the sound is gone without NallePuh), because I have fond memories of my first computer at home. I also used ShapeShifter with which I even chatted and surfed the web with the vlink. PCTask and PCx for DOS based applications. For Gameboy I used Wzonka-Lad, for which I took the sources and removed the keyfile requirements and asked the author
for some files he had forgot to put. I played lots with Apple 2 with the nice Apple2000 emulator, which later had limited IIe support and more games worked in it. I have the source for Apple2000e, but have not the time and interest to work on it. I also played a lot with AmiMSX, which is also very good and some games are on the Sega Master System level in graphics and gameplay. MagiC64 was slow on my configurations, but the A4000 with high frameskipping I played some games to completion and tested games developed by me. I also played and read disk mags on the Commodore Plus with the CP4 emulator and sometimes Flamingo. For TRS80 games I played with Trash80 while for Dragon 32 I used Dream. I played some NES games as well, but the CoolNES and AmiNES emulators were not very compatible with the games. I also played CPC games with AmiCPC and AmigaCPE. For ColecoVision and sometimes MSX I used fMSX. VicEmu I also used to play some games. I emulated CP/M with eCPM.

All these listed emulators worked fairly well on unexpanded A4000/040/25MHz or expanded A1200. Some of them work even on unexpanded A1200 and I have luck even A500 with the Speculator emulator with 33% Spectrum speed.
Of course there are many other emulators for classic Amigas which may work, like the AtariST and BBC emulators but I had no luck with them. Or the ABC emulator which I had no luck loading games. I ran the SegaMega Drive emulator on 68K, and MAME,
but they were more like slide show.
With all these emulators on 68K Amiga I had the possibility to run more than 30,000 games.

Now with the AmigaOne some of the old emulators does not work anymore, or I have to run them under E-UAE, but they have much
better replacements with more features. Now I am able to emulate MAME at full speed even for mid 1990 games, IIGS emulator, Sega Mega Drive Emulator, PlayStation Emulator, Atari*ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator,
C64 with far more features (VICE), Color GameBoy and GameBoy Advance and Sam Coupe. With DOSBox I even do HyperEmulation - running emulator under emulator, and I use Euphoric this way, and now on the AmigaOne
I can run I think more than 50,000 games.

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