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AmigaSYS 4 - Debugging tour!

With the release of AmigaSYS 4 XBox version (soon), the AmigaSYS 4 series versions are finished.

Unfortunately i could not finished the upgrade files wich were announced last year, so i deleted the official release date.

The soon'll be released updates will contains several newness, implementation of the french language is planned, bugfixes, new programs and new ideas.

But bugs are continously coming, actually i do not know about the most of them, i'm only know about ones wich were reported in forums, they are few in number and already fixed. But i would like if there will be less bugs...

If you have some problems with any of the AmigaSYS 4 versions, in use, under install, in descriptions, faulty functioning, etc.

Write to me and we'll see, what can i do.

Fixed bugs since:

AmigaSYS 4 AGA version:
- BB1 BB2 window bug.
- In 90% the OS 3.9 installing used under WinUAE, but the WinUAE CD Mount wasn't implemented.
- Whdload errors with Cyberstorm II, still under detection...
Use mail, or forums!
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