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Thumbs up Corrupt OS 3.9 cd

Yes I have had the same problem (some files ie. AUX cannot be copied) the way i got around the problem, was to do an install of wb3.1 then install the cd drivers. Then reboot, yoiu then get to see the AmigaOS3.9 cd, but one more thign I would suggest you make a copy of the OS3.9 cd minus all instances of the "AUX" file and icon info, you dont need it under winuae. Hope this helps. Ive been playing quake at 640x480 on Winuae!!!!!! and its smooth, my pc AMD XP 1800+ 256mb pc133cas2, Quantum fireball AP 40gig, Directx9beta, windows XP, and winuae runs everything, aga demos, all games so far, if you have any probs email.
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