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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
prowler - Cheers - To to be honest ive never realy looked at Amithlon -I guess a PIII 1ghz would be to slow for Uae under Amithlon to emulate an A1200 and run AGA games.
Also any idea if Amithlon can be run under Virtual Pc.
Hi Boo Boo,

I remember seeing it reported at around the time AmigaOS XL was released that either Amithlon or AmigaOS XL could actually be run as an application from within Windows by installing the OS to a hardfile, in much the same way as WinUAE runs the Amiga OS.

I think it was actually AmigaOS XL which could be run in this way by installing QNX under Windows and then installing the AmigaOS XL software into a hardfile under QNX.

This report would most likely have appeared in the final issue of AmigActive magazine, or one of the four issues of Digital magazine that succeeded it. I still have these magazines, and will be referring to them when I write the AmigaOS XL Installation Guide.


PS. This thread:
already has some information about installing AmigaOS XL under VirtualPC.
For more about installing Amithlon under VirtualPC, see Charlie's Amithlon Setup Guide here:

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