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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Thanks prowler

I have a doubt: is it better (more fluid, more "Amiga-like") E-UAE under AmigaOS or WinUAE under Windows ?
I'm asking this because playing e.g. Shadow of The Beast on a real Amiga and a real TV (preferably CRT) is much better than playing it on fullscreen WinUAE (even if enabling +vsync and all the possible frequency tricks).
Hi Supamax,

Charlie was actually suggesting 68k UAE as a way of running WHDLoad and games on Amithlon, which won't support the games directly.

Amithlon requires a PC installed with a stripped-down version of Linux (which is where X-Amiga comes in), so you will still be playing it fullscreen on your PC monitor - not on your CRT TV (unless you have TV-out on your graphics card ).

To find out whether Amithlon running 68k UAE running WHDLoad games is better than running the games in WinUAE is something you're probably going to have to find out yourself by trying it.

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