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Hi Supamax,
Prowler is quite right: Amithlon has no chipset support - think of it as a DraCo clone rather than an Amiga as such...
...Is this the end? Noooo - You CAN run chipset software fine on Amithlon by running 68k-UAE...
...alpyre made a very nice set of scripts that auto-magically loads 68k-UAE & WHDLoad when you click on a game icon - all very nicely packed-up too!
->Transparent to the user & of-course you retain that all-important Amiga-feel - No weirdness caused by a non-Amiga OS lurking under the hood.

You can therefore have your cake & eat it...
...Warp3D also works under Amithlon, you've got the potential for USB, fast HDDs & of course a '68040' that runs in the GHZ range!
A little work, I admit, but you'll end up with the 'best' Amiga possible. It's worth building a system with Amithlon in mind - fewer headaches!

Too much like hard work?
Ok, Google for X-Amiga & give it a whirl.
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