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Originally Posted by sharprm View Post
Good points there. I think for beast 3 they should have made a better hat. Its interesting how the intro is not 2d painted art and scanned (like beast 2) but is pixelled.

Here is a mockup more like the pictorially georgeous route but showing two alternatives - fading to lighter or fading to darker. Which do you guys prefer?

edit: maybe should say that this is taken from beast 2 title screen.
i think the second one focuses too much on what it seems a middle ground (and is instead the dark horizon). the colour scheme is great , but the focus is off.

the first one has a great flow in deepness, so that the eye is walked to the distant horizon and there it get lost in the mist and this effect is beautiful, yet not disturbing, as the foreground is perfectly stated, even if a bit too much coloured (imho)

cool works nevertheless!
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