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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Completely agree with you, and man, your art is beautiful.
For some people even if I use the "line" tool on DP, is travesty. fuck that.
Certainly, using DP's antialias tool is easy, but depends. I did use it after I selected my own palette to shade. Otherwise it works like shit. But I used to degrade each pixel sort of by hand. It just helped me elect automatically the colors for the next pixels instead of pressing '[' and ']' all the fkng time.
Thanks akira. Artists should want to save time and shouldn't feel dirty using tools like darken etc. The definition is moronic. Here's why:

1. You can make pixel art that looks like non-pixel art (eg. last ninja remix is messy and looks a bit like color reduced art), and you can even take a painter image [this program lets you use brushes that simulate real brushes] and (provided you color reduce cleverly) you can dress it up like pixel art. The method definition relies on everyone to post 'wip' animations and even they could be faked.

2. You have no idea whether real pixel artists (the guys who got paid to work on good games, past and present) used tools etc. Its also possible some things can't be done without using tools. Once i tried drawing hay without tools and it drove me nuts. click click clickety click. Thats why i got into non-pixel art tricks. If you haven't used it, try Painter. It really improved my pixel art once I started using it because painting teaches you important things like color selection.

So in conclusion the definition is unworkable and holds artists back.

I don't think there were these simplistic "definitions" until forums came about, yes? [I just made that fact up ] Perhaps its just a product of retentive type moderators.

To me, pixel art are clean pictures [low colors and size helps this] and has lots of detail (eg. chaos engine type shiny bits, no areas left messy which you can have in paintings). Its an aesthetic, not a method. However you get there is unimportant. So as long as you clean up your anti-aliasing there is no problem.

In regards to the shadow remake. I think the pixel art tricks developed since sotb1 (that 'refinement' mentioned by the moderator) could be used in a remake and the remake could still have atmosphere. I was looking at a city level in 'contra 4' today which has good color scheme for the background and uses those pixel art tricks for the characters etc. Here is a mockup for how karamoon would look:

Check out 'contra 4' if you wanted to see the 'refinemed' pixel art things on the characters. Some of the backgrounds are by the guy who did 'Lionheart' so the amiga still 'wins' .
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