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Originally Posted by sharprm View Post
Some pixel art people are fundamentalist type retarded. Instead of thinking of pixel art as an aesthetic or 'end', they have a narrow definition of pixel art based on the method or 'means'. That is, pixel art is "each pixel being placed by hand". So they can ignore the end (sometimes awesome art) and potentially insult the artist and feel justified in doing so because he/she "used dirty tricks to get to the end".

Completely agree with you, and man, your art is beautiful.
For some people even if I use the "line" tool on DP, is travesty. fuck that.
Certainly, using DP's antialias tool is easy, but depends. I did use it after I selected my own palette to shade. Otherwise it works like shit. But I used to degrade each pixel sort of by hand. It just helped me elect automatically the colors for the next pixels instead of pressing '[' and ']' all the fkng time.
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