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Reading this thread inspired me to finally get an xbox... Scored one for about $80 of PC hardware, with 4 controllers and a remote. No games tho.

The hardest part for me was getting the gamesaves, as I know nobody else with a modded xbox, couldn't buy an action replay, and didn't fancy hacking up a joystick cable to make a USB adapter. Anyway ended up scoring a couple of USB cables from Ebay, but then couldn't find a compatible USB stick...

Ordered a modchip, but found a working usb stick on Friday night so messed around trying to setup the usb for a few hours. Eventually found a link to d/l the Action Replay software and finally got things going.

I'll attempt the hard drive upgrade soon, it doesn't seem to hard (any traps for new players???)

I've downloaded the AIDeluxe installer as I mainly want it for emulators. Once I get the hang of things I might even play some genuine games on it... Hopefully the X-Arcade works well with the emulators without any messing around.

Thanks for the info everybody.
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