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Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai View Post
I believe its a good investment, this MB is a valuepack imho. And Amiga hardware prices are pretty much stable so its not a bad long time investment.
I´m just not sure about its compability with WHDLoad and OS 3.9. ( I like OS 3.9 )...
Hi Yotoxionomai,

I'm pretty sure it won't run Amiga OS 3.9; I don't think it'll even run Amigas OS 4.0!

However, I think that if you like OS 3.9, then you'll also like OS 4.x.

But here we have yet another example of the usual Amiga catch-22 situation: The only way this can progress is if enough Sam440EP Flex and Amiga OS 4.1 packages are sold that it encourages development for the platform. But how many will really buy the package without a guarantee that software will be both developed for and ported to it?

This is the reason why the AmigaOne failed. It sold in so few numbers that it was doomed to become a white elephant.

Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Sorry, I didn't want to hurt anyone.
What I'm wondering about is: why woudn't be possible to run AmigaOS on a more common/compatible mainboard? Ok, it needs PPC, but aren't there some PPC mainboards to be used? Perhaps it would be possible to adapt some "old" Mac PPC Mainboards? I know this is a "hazardous" question
Hi Supamax,

This thought has already been aired.

See this thread:

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