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Hi Retro-Nerd, Boo Boo and Antiriad!

Thank you very much for your comments,

I am really happy to know that my emulators likes to you!

About the question if an emulator of PC-Engine is possible on Amiga 68k/AGA the answer is of course!!!

I started (10 year ago) my own PC-Engine emulator for the Amiga, but I decided to work in AmiMasterGear instead AmiPC-Engine. It is only in Alpha state...

AmiPC-Engine Alpha only emulates TILES backgrounds, NOT sprites, and only some games like Parodius work a bit, but none game is playable... I programmed this alpha version in only two weeks

I am thinking to update AmiPC-Engine a bit... I like Konami MSX remakes a lot!!!

See you!!!

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