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The 1st one I played was Beast 2 , it was in the 1st batch of games I got for my Amiga, and as it was considered HOT , I got it. I found it to be incredibly CRAP. I hated the game a lot, I gave it a go some times, trying to understand why so many people liked it, but I just couldn't get it.

Then I got Beast 1, and I found it to be ... average. Played it for a while, there are many sections that are very boring, but it wasn't bad as Beast 2 IMO.

Then Beast 3 was released, and I got it , but wasn't expecting too much. How wrong I was! I found Beast 3 to be a GREAT game, good action, smart puzzles, good graphics and acceptable difficulty level . So, my vote goes for Beast 3, and it was 5-5-5 when I voted, so I put Beast 3 ahead of the others now
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