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WorkBench 3.0 not showing all drawers/folders??

Ive recently started going through a load of old disks with various utils and games on them to see which ones can be installed to the hard drive.

Ive installed a few things which work fine but ive noticed that some things such as deluxe paint when installed cannot be found unless i use the "window - show - all files" function in workbench 3.0

By default WB 3.0 is set to "window - show - only icons" which has never been a problem as it will show all my drawers/folders and anything else ive installed on the hard drive, but theres a few things i cannot find when installed until i have the show all option enabled.

Its not a big problem but it resets back to the "show - only icons" when the amiga is restarted which then hides some of my drawers/folders!?

I dont understand why it does this? i mean they have the same drawer icon as the rest of my installed software and its all installed on the same drive but the same things disappear next time i load workbench unless i use show - all files.

Can anyone help me with this please? its not something ive noticed in the past thanks!
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