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Hi fellow retro lovers, more so the Amiga!

Hello everyone, my name is Mo, I'm from Birmingham UK. I love the Commodore Computer series, especially the Amiga and 64, almost all my childhood major gaming memories lie with it. Now for some strange reason I'm drawn back to it!? must be 80's kid thing!

Anyway I love almost all RETRO 80's 90's consoles / computers, I own (in no particular order):

Atari 2600 woody 4 switch
Atari 2600 Jr
Amstrad CPC (? never really used this one much)
Commodore Amiga 600 Rev 1.3
Commodore Amiga 600 Rev 1.5
Commodore Amiga 600 Rev 1.5
Commodore 64 Bread Bin 1983 Rev 2
Commodore 64 Bread Bin 1983 Rev 3
Commodore 64 Bread Bin 1984 Rev 2
Sega Master System 1
Sega Megadrive 1
Super Nintendo
Sony Playstation SCPH-1002 !
Sony PS One
Sony Playstation 2 Silver

+ some other gems here and there, Ton load of games, accessories and odd bits for the above

Am always collecting 80's 90's console and computer stuff, I have like 3 40 liter air tight containers full of them to preserve these golden goodies (IMO)

I'm here because the Amiga is alongside my Commodore 64, one of my all time favorite machines, damn it was and still is so much fun, now that i'm older, I can't believe how much people still love this machine, like me!

Every time I Google something for the Commodore Amiga, this site pops up, so it was a natural for me to join, be aware though! I may have annoying or newbie questions about the Amiga and its workings!

OK this is becoming a bit of a essay!, lets get the ball rolling....

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