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Originally Posted by JLPedro View Post
I play JimPower on dosbox 0.72 out off the box, no extra configuration needed... And It looks much better than the amiga version and playability is almost the same (unfortunally), only sound really looks worse than on the amiga. But dosbox really isn't the best place to play jim Power, to get it to run at full speed a retro PC is mutch better.
please upload your pc version to the zone
mine doesn't works but I can't start the game
keys and joystick doesn't work...
cyberdruid have idem problem I see


a retro pc can be more compatible than dosbox but games looks so pixelated on any monitor
that's why I like dosbox...I can use screen filters and games looks great

the sound on dosbox is not very good...but it's not bad at all
dosbox sound here like 22050 hz
I have changed some parametrs on config file without good results
maybe sound issues will be fixed in the future

also dosbox lacks vsync.lacks save states and there are a lot of bugs
I hope a new version will be realesed soon
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