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Gave it a try (the 5 fun and the 5 tricky levels), it's quite entertaining. I didn't know the classic game.
It adds some Sokoban/Bombsweeper aspects to the Boulder Dash formula + a few other things, which makes it quite interesting.

Here are a few things that could be improved, in my opinion:

- Although you posted them here, the key commands should be included in some documentation or at the title screen.

- You should make it so that when you can fire multiple times in a row when holding the fire button. Right now, when you fire once, you have to release the fire button, press it again and press a direction to fire again. Not very convenient.

- A visual cue once you have collected all the screws would be nice. There is a sound, but something like having the exit (a flying saucer I think?) blinking (as in Boulder Dash) or rather changing colour (blinking can be annoying) would be nice.

- Even though there is the N key, it would be nice to have a list of levels and ideally have the levels unlock once they have been cleared, so that one can restart where he left or replay the level one wants.

- Tricky 4 : unless it is voluntary, I think it should be spelt labyrinth

- I didn't take a lot of time to check, but I have the impression the green laser turrets (as can be seen in Tricky 2) shoot at random. Am I mistaken? If they do shoot at random, you should modify it because it can be a problem since their shots are involved in the solving of the levels.

Any plans to make a level editor, once you have settled the major gameplay elements and the maximum level size?
Offering the ability to create/exchange custom levels would probably increase the durability of the game.
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