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This evening, I took my PIII system out of storage and fired it up for the first time in over five years, and it booted straight up to the QNX v6.1 login screen and from there loaded up the QNX desktop.

I launched the AmigaOS XL application and there before my eyes was the beautiful AmigaOS 3.9 desktop, just the way I remembered it!

To compile an installation guide for AmigaOS XL, I shall need to install it once again from scratch. To this end I tried to create a second installation on the same hard disk, by hiding the original partition, but the QNX installer would not let me do this. It will only allow one such partition on a single hard disk.

I don't wish to delete my original installation, so I must swap the hard disk for another. I have several which will be suitable, and I hope to find time to get this done soon. From what I remember of the installation process, it doesn't take long at all. Documenting it is what will take the time.

I have decided to describe the whole process, as documentation for this is scarce. AmigaActive magazine was due to publish a guide for this, but the magazine folded before it had time to appear.
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