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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
FWIW: AROS does have it's own version of UAE so your 'old' apps will run...

...I'm not sure where they are up to but I understand the 'plan' is to integrate UAE (or at least a 68k core) into the OS. That way all 'well written' apps will run direct without the need for a recompile.
As all the calls are the same, I'd expect the bulk of calls could be handled by the x86-native OS, so in theory you'd have a solution similar to Amithlon but even faster - and of course a development path with new apps being written.

Now for a quick burst of Amiga fanboy dreaming:
Amiga fanboy dreaming over - you're safe now:
Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
If you have source, you can recompile those apps for AROS, assuming they don't so anything with the hardware directly - early Amiga stuff almost certainly did, but later apps from the 3.0 era were much better behaved.

If you don't have source, then see my previous post about AmiBridge. Won't work for games though!

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Im please to see E-UAE has been updated with a nice GUI and Filesystem2 support thanks to o1i

o1i has also taken the UAE integration (basic/initial) Bounty

Progress can be followed on -
The Bounty -
Thanks for all the info, guys!

The AROS ports of UAE I have saved on a hard disk somewhere... But AmiBridge is set to make VmwAROS much more useful.

Also, it's great to see E-UAE being extended by o1i. It's such a long time without news from Richard Drummond on E-UAE.

And Charlie, I always have empathy for Amiga fanboy dreaming. Don't we all do it? If I'd bought an A1200 when they first appeared I would have been astounded by what it could do compared to the PC systems I was using at that time. They could have had the world in their hands at that time. I often wonder what better systems we would all be using now if things had turned out differently...
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