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FWIW: AROS does have it's own version of UAE so your 'old' apps will run...

...I'm not sure where they are up to but I understand the 'plan' is to integrate UAE (or at least a 68k core) into the OS. That way all 'well written' apps will run direct without the need for a recompile.
As all the calls are the same, I'd expect the bulk of calls could be handled by the x86-native OS, so in theory you'd have a solution similar to Amithlon but even faster - and of course a development path with new apps being written.

Now for a quick burst of Amiga fanboy dreaming:
I'm really looking forward to AROS getting to the point where a genuinely useful distro can be produced...
...maybe it's because I have a pathological hatred of all things *NIX (esp the Li versions) but I'm convinced there's room for a lightweight Geeks OS lacking all the bloat / complexity of the most common offerings about today. Frankly AmigaOS / AROS is / will be more than up to the job of a single-user desktop OS...
...there's still a lot of peeps who look fondly on their Amiga days who would be tempted to give such a distro a try, who I believe would be pleasantly surprised by how functional AmigaOS is with good hardware under it...
...yes, I'm indirectly banging that Amithlon drum again too.
Amiga fanboy dreaming over - you're safe now:
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