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Roll eyes (sarcastic) CD Read Write Errors

Hello all,

I am having trouble when using the uaescsi.device at the moment (I think thats what the problem is anyway). I have mounted my CD, DVD and CDRW drive as CD0,CD1 and CD2 on the emulated amiga using the OS3.9 version of CacheCDFS. The 'Partition' I have currently got set for the boot drive is a adapted system from my real amiga setup and I have created a new hardfile for installing a complete fresh OS3.9 install.

Whenever I try and run the Installer for OS3.9 I get read/write errors reported from the CD, I have tried the CD in all the drives and get the same error everytime thus making me unable to install OS3.9.

The CD functions perfectly well when used within my real amiga (also running CacheCDFS from OS3.9) with the same drives. Does anyone know of any settings that I could use so that the read/write errors do not happen? I am guessing its more of a problem with uaescsi than the cd drives themselves?

Many thanks for any help
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