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Originally Posted by dima View Post
I agree with you. But first DWORD (B6 0B 00 00) it is not a count of sections, it is an offset to data start. I thought the same and extracted these files about two weeks ago. But do not understand what they contain. gfx - it is a graphic files, sfx - sound files: I hope. And ever level has two files *.dat and *.pld (for example N1chaos.dat and N1chaos.pld ) but they do not contain information about width, height of map and another stuffs. What do you think about it?
Heya, I think they are compressed. I don't see any patterns, looks like random data, so I'm guessing custom packer or something, could be a standard zip/deflate type affair with the header torn off, it's unknown as of yet. May require some debugging in dosbox to work out how the data is unpacked, or perhaps dump the uncompressed mem from dosbox to cheat

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