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Originally Posted by sharprm View Post
Looking at beast three pics on lemon amiga it seems they tried having less saturated backdrop. Also, the plane is 3/4 view, not dead on. In my opinion looks bad. I think beast 2 is the best, so having things dead on, foreground less saturated.

I've got other projects but if I did a remake, it would have the look of beast 2 with the combat of beast 1. And you'd get to kill maletoth. Ending of beast 2 was a scam.
i think that the real success of the second episode, design wise, is to cut much of the distraction from the scene and focus on the foreground, yet leaving a very suggestive feeling coming from the background.

but the first one was pictorially gorgeous nevertheless: i start often SotB 1 just to see the meadow and forest.

where the graphic was usually lacking (imho) is in the interiors: the only game that makes them interesting to me is the third, which has great animations too (for instance the exploding flowers in the forest level, the beast tribe...) but is lacking in mood big time in respect to the other 2 games: it feels tired.
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