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Yep, combination of the two games. The red robot is from the "number 1" box art, which featured them in the background behind the lemming hitting a tennis ball while standing on a biplane.

Thx for compliments. These are concepty type pictures that don't look good at bigger scale. If you want to see painter pictures used in platformers that are good looking check out: that guy is great.

Looking at beast three pics on lemon amiga it seems they tried having less saturated backdrop. Also, the plane is 3/4 view, not dead on. In my opinion looks bad. I think beast 2 is the best, so having things dead on, foreground less saturated.

I've got other projects but if I did a remake, it would have the look of beast 2 with the combat of beast 1. And you'd get to kill maletoth. Ending of beast 2 was a scam.
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