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Hi All,

I have bought every version of Amiga Forever from 6.0 to the current 2008 Premium Edition from Cloanto. On three occasions there were protracted delays in delivery (can't remember exact details), and on each occasion the explanation was that the package is very popular (especially immediately following release) and they were having trouble meeting demand, were trying to fit in extra production runs, etc.

Each package has eventually been delivered and they have been extremely apologetic when a delay has been experienced. On two occasions I was treated to a complimentary boing ball decal and on the last occasion I was given a link to download a complimentary 2008 Value Edition of Amiga Forever, with a key which I was told I could pass on if I wasn't planning to use it! (Still haven't shared it with anyone! ).

My advice is to wait, and all will come good in the end.

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