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That's a very good idea. :thumbs_up

Put the blame on me. I had thought there must be a way to tell WinUAE to not use up 100% CPU all the time. Then, I had asked Toni if he could try with an experimental fix, and I tried it again. CPU load was a lot less heavier than in the older version...

Toni, is there a technically reliable way to detect the usage of a laptop?
such as...

if (isLaptop())
then CPU_IDLE_FIX = off
else CPU_IDLE_FIX = on

You know what I'm thinking about: a sort of an internal on-off switch.
This principle is identical to the one used with Bernie's cmov instruction detection code. If AMD inside, turn it on, otherwise turn it off. Self-acting, without any user interaction.

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