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Originally Posted by humble worm View Post
on some polish pixel art board I saw young guys attacking a demo scene veteran - they were claiming that his works shouldnt have been posted there as they were not true pixelart (because of some features Dpaint allegedly has - auto aa or something) - there was pretty big flame I tell you
Some pixel art people are fundamentalist type retarded. Instead of thinking of pixel art as an aesthetic or 'end', they have a narrow definition of pixel art based on the method or 'means'. That is, pixel art is "each pixel being placed by hand". So they can ignore the end (sometimes awesome art) and potentially insult the artist and feel justified in doing so because he/she "used dirty tricks to get to the end".

No game will come out of that thread. Although Helm mentions indie scene, its just an excuse to add highlights and anatomy and give each other high fives. No-one made a full mockup so there is no guarantee that those sprites could form part of an aesthetically pleasing game with atmosphere. The codification and refinement was assumed, not proved.

>>Yes, they forgot that. Also some of new versions have different >>atmosphere than original. One example: >> for me original is "mad beast >>from dark woods" but "remake" is "happy retard will catch you".

Fool's stuff is great though - check out his website.

>>hey should have more respect for the original artist though, cause he >>didn't have multi GHz beasts and graphic boards these kids have ...

Pixel programs such as graphics gale have less features than deluxe paint. I don't think its the limitations of machines that limited the art creation. "graphic boards" probably help alot ... but also games like "chaos engine" that have come out since SOTB. SOTB2 had better graphics anyway.
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