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Originally posted by ToTalXS
ok to summarize then...the AmigaOne is a stand alone system if you want it to be...but it will not run my stack of A500 software that I have unless I mate it with a A1200 motherboard via some sort of card that will be available at the time of the release of the A1...correct?
Not entirely correct. As I said, you could emulate the Amiga using an emulator like UAE, could be PPCUAE, macUAE, or whatever that will run on that hardware (Perhaps A1UAE gets released). I am sure thsi is not what you want to do, but it will be an option to lots of people.

Quote: next question would be are the planning on selling thios A1 preconfigured with a legacy A1200 motherboard already installed?...they own the rights to do so correct?...ok maybe I was just hopin too much...cant blame me for tryin........peace [/B]
No, they have no rights to do so, and since A1200 mobos are not produced anymore, not a chance. The card is provided as an upgrade plan for current A1200 users. They really dont care about giving legacy compatibility to new users. The card is a "satisfier" for legacy hardware owners. Not that it satisfies me.

If I was you, living in the US, I'd buy an A1200 off eBay ( ,in case you dont know it). Again, be careful with this choice, if you have a stack of A500 software, it's probable that a lot of it wont work on an A1200! Why not buy a cheap A500 (off ebay too)? It really isnt as hard to get an A1200 stateside as you say, I really have it difficult in thsi shithole of a country (nevertheless got a GREAT deal on an A1200. You just have to look a lot for it ). Also be sure to check this board's Marketplace, a lot of nice offers use to pop around there!

DJay: I did not read about it and I dont care about it anyway. If I want Amiga I go with the legacy hardware. If I want an alternative to the PC, I buy a Macintosh.
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