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Reviving Amiga? No. Doing it like the Amiga? Hell yeah!

Asides from the technical aspects, what was Amiga all about? It was up to date, entertaining and an overall good package for a reasonable price. You hadn't to spend a fortune and never felt like having missed something important. (I can remember buying my first PC after the Amiga. It had no soundcard!) The system's design was modern and elegant. That's the way to do it, if you want to do it in the spirit of rock lobster:
Be innovative, modern and complete. Do not try to be elitist, but different. Start from scratch and give priority to reason over tradition.

Apple shows the way, but is elitist, expensive and still too conservative.
If Commodore came back and asked me how to do it, then the modern Amiga would come as a notebook with OLED display and a flash-hdd. It would be a many multicore processor like Cell and a highly programmable graphics card like intel larrabee. The OS would be innovative. Something in the tradition of Plan9 and Hurd. UAE would be preinstalled.

Oh yeah, that would be cool (but frankly quite unrealistic ).
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