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The only reason I added "assign" for disks was that I still had fresh Workbench disks without a keymap set, so when I copied to the HD it asked for the disk. Anyway, it works pretty well (so far!) and I've been getting to grips with the C compiler I have and copied a whole load of disks.

What would be really useful is a recommendation of a text editor with syntax highlighting for C (Aminet has quite a few but I want something simple - "Ed" is almost good enough for me!). Put it this way, I like the way most of the stuff I have on so far isn't bloatware so I have 90% of the disk free - most of that is the C compiler and a 12 disk reference manual!

I have downloaded a few and luckily my MessyDOS disk works so I just need to find some 720KB disks to nuke to try them out. Actually, I'm very surprised all of the disks I've tried so far have worked flawlessly. Still, the sooner I backup everything on the disk the better.

Have to admit I was distracted for a while playing a retro World Cup in Sensi though!
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