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Frankly, I'd be far more interested in a small, cheap machine that was compatible with classic Amiga's (at least compatible enough to run WHDLoad games natively). I already have a computer that runs Firefox and does all that other stuff people mentioned :P

To that end, my dream system:
  • 68060 @ 75MHz
  • AGA chipset, condensed into a single chip (or preferably an FPGA so upgrades or bugfixes would be possible).
  • Standard 31kHz VGA or DVI output.
  • Standard memory slots (any easily available memory type is fine by me, even 72-pin).
  • Standard Amiga ports (joysticks, serial, parallel, floppy drive).
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports.
  • On-board IDE controller for CD/DVD, Hard Drive or Compact Flash.
  • SD card slot with logic for attaching ADF images as disk drives (Basically equivalent to what the 1541 Ultimate does for the C64... built-in floppy drive would be unneccessary).
  • USB & Ethernet ports.
  • At least one PCI slot for expansion.

I'd gladly settle for a Natami, though.

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